The White Rose and the Red Rose

We were commissioned last year to make a duplicate gesso panel of The White Rose and the Red Rose by Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh.

She created this panel in 1902 and it is in fact a duplicate of the one she showed in The Rose Boudoir at the Secessionist Exhibition of 1902 in Turin. The original was bought by Fritz Warndorfer, who then commissioned Margaret and her husband Charles Rennie Mackintosh to design a Music Room for him in his villa in Vienna.

Clearly she liked the design so much that she re-worked the same subject and placed it above the fireplace in the studio area of the now famous White Drawing Room of their home at 78 Southpark Avenue in Glasgow.

This panel can now be seen in position in the reconstruction of their house in the Hunterian Art Gallery.

We were very fortunate in being allowed access to study the panel close-to by Professor Pamela Robertson, Senior Curator and Professor of Mackintosh Studies at the Hunterian, University of Glasgow, who also visited our studio to advise and comment on progress.